Anti Trend

Anti Trend

I am angry about Shein and similar cheap (both in price and quality wise) brands. They sell ridiculously cheap clothings, such as $2 shirts online. Customers order $150 worth of such items, and get rid of them quickly without any remorse. No one even bothers to return them even they don't fit, because they are cheap anyway. 

Are they helping money pinched consumers, who want to enjoy fashion? Absolutely not, because low quality cheap apparel never gain love and appreciation from the wearers. We all know that they are just inferior alternatives of more expensive brands. Many of those cheap clothes are discarded within a season.

The problem is even though the items are cheap, they still require raw materials and labors to be manufactured. The trashed items are sent to landfills, and the cheap labors impoverish the world. Furthermore, if the used clothes are sent to the third world countries, they destroy the indigenous apparel industries, rather than helping the poor.

Clothes last pretty long, but fashion industry keeps generating different trends every season to entice consumers and let them keep buying new clothes. It is true that the industry is employing the countless numbers of workers in the world, but many of them are paid badly. We all heard about one or two horror stories of sweat shops in poor countries.

Fashion industry stays, but consumers also arm with knowledge and keep using already existing items. We may need to fix frays, but most fabric does not disintegrate easily. 

I made Sustainable Sewing Kits, contained in used prescription bottles, hoping that more people fix their own garments, as they fray. Hand sewing is a life skill everyone should have.

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