Collection: Patches/Appliques Made From Recycled Fabric

Most of these patches/appliques are patterns of fabric, which used to be worn or used by someone. By making patches from leftover fabric, we are not only utilizing it rather than sending it to a landfill, but also extend the life of a garment by sealing the holes or blemishes. 

The back of the patches are strengthen with stabilizer, and the perimeters are embroidered. Iron-on adhesive is applied on the back, so that you can attach them easily without sewing. 

When you attach it with an iron, heat the iron to mid temperature place the patch/applique on desired spot of the garment. Make sure the part of the garment under the patch/applique is not folded or wrinkled. To protect your iron from adhesive, over the patch/applique with a Teflon sheet or protective fabric, and iron over it for 8 seconds. Wait until it cools down, to ensure the adhesive is set. Then turn over the garment, and iron from the back for few seconds more.

Adhesive is pretty strong, but depending on which fabric to be applied, frequency of laundry, and the shape of the particular patch/applique, it may come off partially. When it happens, hand sew the edge. Please refer to the instruction video below.