Clothed Prescription Bottle Workshop

Clothed Prescription Bottle Workshop

In the middle of March, I gave a workshop to teach how to make clothed pill bottles for mini-sewing kits. I originally made a pill bottle sewing kits with fake prescription labels, but now I am also making clothed ones.

The process is simple.

  1. Sand off the pharmacy names or any other prints on the lid. #300 sandpaper works well. If sanding leaves any visible scratches, use finer sandpaper, like #600 to smooth them out.

  2. Cut out fabric to circle to make a pin cushion. The size of the circle should be larger enough to make a ball and attach to inside of the lid.

  3. Using a needle and thread, make a running stitch about 1/4” inside of the front side perimeter.

  4. Make a ball with a cotton, place it at the center of the stitched circle, and tighten the stitches to make gathers. Knot the ends to secure. Cut off the excess thread.

  5. Attach the pin cushion to the lid, using a hot glue gun. To avoid burning your fingers, make sure to apply the glue on the lid, not on the pin cushion.

  6. Measure the circumference the bottle and the height from the bottom to the ridge, and cut fabric to that size. 1/8” overlap should be enough.

  7. Glue the fabric onto the bottle. The glue should be applied on the bottle, and spread it with a brush. I found out that Mod Podge seeps through the fabric and leave stains, but Aleene’s Permanent Fabric Glue works well.

  8. When the glue dries, coat it with water based polyurethane for 3 times. The polyurethane coat is for furniture and floor. I use satin, because the sheen goes well with fabrics.

  9. Sand the surface after polyurethane dries completely. Use #600 after the first and second coat, and use $2400 after the third coat to give a nice polished look.

In the workshop the participants did only one coat of polyurethane, due to the time constraints. But if you try at home, I strongly recommend to coat 3 times.

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