Pill Bottles Sewing Kit

Pill Bottles Sewing Kit

Do you know that only 10 percent of plastics are actually recycled? It is because making brand-new plastics is cheaper than recycling. Corporations don’t exist to lose money just for the sake of environment.

We still can't live without plastics. Prescription pill bottles are one of them. I researched what can I do with them. But with that distinctive orange color and shape, pill bottles are purposefully recognizable, and difficult to change the image.

I decided to turn them to mini sewing kits. By adding a tiny pincushion inside of the bottle cap, I can recycle fabrics as well.

Sewing is one of the important life skills everyone should have (regardless of men or women). Until few decades ago, there were a plenty of people who can make their own clothes. My mother was one of them, even though she wasn’t a seamstress.

Still, I think fixing a button or small frays should be handled personally, because it extends the life of garments significantly. By caring our garments on our own, we can reduce fabric waste as well. Just in case you don’t know how to sew, here is a YouTube instruction video to demonstrate how to fix a button.

I also want you to think that why buying a new piece of clothes is cheaper than repairing. Why we can buy clothes so cheaply? Are the materials so cheap? Are the workers paid fairly?

I can't rescue the earth from being buried in plastic waste by doing this, but I may be able to change the mindset of some people.

The pill bottle mini sewing kit contains three needles, black and white threads, three safety pins, and mini folding scissors.

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