QNS Collaborative

QNS Collaborative

I am selling my recycled items at QNS Collaborative in the month of February and March. When you get in the store a pink bear, which is made from reclaimed leather will greet you.

QNS Collaborative is a launching pad for local artists and creators of all sorts. Everything you can buy here are handmade.

As a member of the group, I have shopkeeping duties twice a month, which is fun. I am also working part-time at thrift stores in Astoria since October. It is a great education and experience too see the difference of customer demographics and each store’s sales items. I love all those three stores’s unique characters.

QNS Collaborative
25-09 Astoria Blvd.
Astproa, NY



ここの QNS Collaborative は、この辺に住むアーチストの作ったものを売ってる所なんで、私も店番を月に2回やります。実は去年の十月から地域のスリフトショップでもパートで働き始めたんで、今はあちこちで店員をしていることになります。それぞれの店の色や客層の違いがバラバラで本当に面白いです。その話はまた別の機会に取っておきます。

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