Cherry Wood Spoons

Cherry Wood Spoons

My cherry wood spoons are very special. It’s hand carved from genuinely NYC sidewalk cherry wood in Astoria!

I just want to be clear that I never cut off branches to make something. I pick up branches fallen off by storms or trimmed by city workers. Do not attempt to cut off branches from sidewalk. You will be fined.

There are many nice workable branches are on sidewalk in Queens, particularly after big storms. But in order to make a good use of them, you need to know the trees. Some trees, such as yew, which is often use for hedges, are toxic and not suitable for utensils. But cherry is safe and has beautiful pinkish color, and hard texture is great for carving and long lasting.

I also picked up a long ginko branch after a storm. It’s softer and has lighter color than cherry. I am thinking what can I carve.


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