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Eco Friendly Jean Basket — Large Rectangle #0601004

Eco Friendly Jean Basket — Large Rectangle #0601004

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This basket is made from used jeans. Jeans are cut into 1” strips. Then iron the strips before sewing them into one long string. Finally, the string can be crocheted into desired shape. Thus, extending the life of the denim fabric, and keeping them away from landfills. Different shade of blue gives the basket natural attractive appearance.

If you are tired of using the basket, undo the crochet. It will go back to one long string. You can crochet it on your own to whatever the shape you want, or use it as a strong rope. 

Many of my items are unique, because they are handmade and the source materials are limited.

The handle can be detached easily. The basket is machine washable, and tumble dryable.

Approximate measurements: 15" x 11" x 4"

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