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Eco-Friendly Salmon Leather Teddy Bear Button Eyes B

Eco-Friendly Salmon Leather Teddy Bear Button Eyes B

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This teddy bear is made of excess or rejected suede from an industry. The surface texture may be uneven or bear marks. 

I happened to have good quantity of this material, I made several teddy bears. I could sell as multiple inventories of one product, but each one of them have unique expression, due to hand made. So I decided to list individually. 

Scrap Artisan sources materials from thrift stores and closets of those willing. Because even if parts of fabric are stained or torn, it still holds the integrity to be upcycled. By recycling resources, we can keep them away from landfills. But this salvaging takes effort. It requires cleaning, disassembling, and sometimes reinforcing in order to bring them back to a workable condition.

Every item has a life- a story. The items Scrap Artisan salvaged are reborn to be loved, once more by you.

Scrap Artisan provides lifetime warranty. If the item you purchased requires fixing, take a picture and email it to If it’s salvageable, Scrap Artisan will fix it for free of charge. 

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