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Patched Ohshima Fabric Tote #0701002

Patched Ohshima Fabric Tote #0701002

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This lightweight tote bag is made from Ohshima Tsumugi fabric. Tsumugi is a kind of wabi-wabi taste fabric, which Japanese people cherished and sought after. I purchased this fabric from a used kimono merchant, because I loved the patched repairs it had. I picked them up immediately, because I thought the previous owner’s spirit to wear a garment for a long period of time by caring it was beautiful. Usually the patches are placed on the back of the fabric, and the original owner must have done so, but I am bringing them to the front of a tote bag intentionally.

The bag has a liner and a pocket inside.

Many of my items are unique, because they are handmade and the source materials are limited.

Approximate measurements (excluding handles):

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